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    Minh Lengthy Retaining is actually a multi-sector financial class with a different ecosystem of 13 member firms covering 13 various fields: technology, finance and investment real estate property,logistics and agriculture, connection pine.

    Minh Very long is really a leading firm that gives organizations with alternatives depending on modern technology program 4. – a revealing economic system technologies network, building a community of customers and collaborators for sustainable improvement, develop powerful.

    With several crucial sectors and other areas, the appearance of Minh Extended Positioning these days involves: 01 Corporation.

    01 Market Committee.

    A lot more than 13 affiliated products and nuclear companies Minh Very long Retaining Expense Group Joints Stock Firm has been slowly shaping obviously with specific advancement approaches for each field and industry of exercise, willing to to the orientation to become multiple-business personal company running effectively and sustainably within the kind of central governance and decentralized control.

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