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    In the current property time, probably the most prominent is the aqua city venture. Aqua city Bien Hoa is located on the "Glowing" place next to the Eastern of Ho Chi Minh City.

    Read about the smart eco-city Aqua City

    Programmer exceeding 28 many years of property growth experience Novaland Class

    Spot: Huong Lo 2 Streets, Very long Installed, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai.

    Scale of aqua city task: more than 1000 hectares

    Aqua city Bien Hoa consists of 7 subdivisions: Phoenix, az Island, Stream Park 1, The Fantastic Cottages, The Valencia, The Stella, The High level, The Package

    Probably the most fantastic ecological facilities: 32 km of river park, 385 ha of water area, 25 ha of educational establishments in any way degrees, 3 ha of health care amenities, 20 theme park systems, 70Percent in the natural region and Popular facilities…

    At the moment available on the market: the most amazing Phoenix, az Tropical island subdivision of Aqua City project (Phoenix Southern, Phoenix Northern, Phoenix Main)

    Read about the Phoenix, az Island subdivision which is wide open on the market

    Launching transaction from the first phase of Phoenix, az Island (Contemporary Western design, 30Per cent glass substance to capture sunlight and blowing wind and enjoy the total look at)

    Approximated price of Phoenix South subdivision is just from 6.8 billion:

    Opportunity to very own F0 merchandise (not really open for sale)

    Offer you for the initial transaction, discounted approximately 15Per cent

    Standard settlement from 36 months, 40% bank loan support with % monthly interest and initial grace time for 36 a few months.

    Super lighting repayment 1Per cent/month for 88 months

    For additional information about aqua city bien hoa please visit resource:
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